1. The T-Shirt

What’s on-trend today won’t necessarily be considered the height of cool tomorrow. Camouflage, however, is a pretty timeless motif. So integrating some military machismo into your wardrobe now is a simple way of future proofing your look, as it’s very unlikely to fall fully off fashion’s radar going forward.

As you already know, printed T-shirts are big news this year, with the likes of Givenchy throwing down the floral gauntlet and setting the agenda for striking summer gear. But if flowers aren’t your vibe, then consider camo its pleasingly masculine alternative.

Going all-out squaddie in an all-over motif might seem like overkill, but plenty of brands are now producing contemporary digital camo designs that will help steer you well clear of costume. Alternatively there are a wealth of styles available where camo is used as a subtle accent on pockets and trims instead.

As with any all-over print, anchor with neutral surrounding pieces and let it become the focal point of your look. You could even layer an open shirt over the top if you want to negate its effect further.


2. The Jacket

A lightweight camouflage jacket or robust overshirt is set to be the most powerful weapon in your layering arsenal. As we move from summer into autumn, constructing outfits that allow you to keep pace with the fluctuating temperature is key to keeping your cool and maintaining consistent swag levels.

Building outfits comprising layers that can be peeled on and off – and look good in isolation – is the way to do this. In a tailored- or boxy-fit, a camo jacket looks superb thrown over a simple crew neck T-shirt and slim-fit chinos/jeans.

If you manage to scoop one up that’s made of light, breathable canvas, then slotting it between a shirt and your overcoat is a killer way to style out cooler temperatures without having to resort to heavier, chunkier threads.

3. The Shorts

You don’t want to look as though your shorts come with an assault rifle as standard, so eschew military issue pairs laden with pockets in favour of options in a more refined, slimmer silhouette.

Paired with a fresh sweatshirt, an Oxford button-down and some white low-tops, camouflage shorts will bring a hardened edge to traditional preppy attire – but look just as good when you’re going full Brother Nature and integrating them into an outdoors-inspired look (think Red Wing boots, flannel shirt and rugged backpack) for a hike up Kilimanjaro/trip to the pub.

4. Camo Accessories

A sharp hit of camo is all you need to breathe new life into your existing monochrome outfits.

Instead of going all-in with a printed jacket or shorts, just pepper your look with punches of the green stuff – whether that’s in the form of a bucket hat, pair of Old Skool vans or rare but real camo print sunglasses.

For all the health goths out there, who are in need of something to shuttle your bits to and from the gym in style, consider a camo holdall or backpack, whether an all-over print version or one with subtle military accents and/or trims.


5. The Bomber

A bomber jacket is the perfect extra layer to throw on for a cool summer’s evening.

First developed for the US military in the 1950s, the MA-1 flight jacket, like camouflage, has its roots in the armed forces, and is as integral to the modern man’s wardrobe now as it was back in the day.

Artfully simple in shape and assembled from lightweight materials, it’s favoured by style heroes, sporting legends and stars of stage and screen. When camo is applied to this iconic silhouette, the result is pure magic.

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