Fabric fibers for Men’s Shirts

Quality begins in the fibers. Here’s the basic process: fibers are spun into yarn. Yarn is woven on computerized looms to make fabric. So the fibers are the vital foundation factor in determining fabric quality. The longer the fiber, the higher the quality of fabric. Not only that, but the longer fibers help the fabric feel better and drape in a relaxed and supple manner.

And you won’t lose money because quality lasts longer. Quality garments outlast their low-quality counterparts by a long shot because the fabrics don’t deteriorate as quickly. It’s all in the fibers.

Pima and Egyptian cotton have the longest fibers of any cottons. They are the finest, most luxurious fabrics for men’s dress shirts because they feel so darn good. But even if a cotton does not carry the distinctive Egyptian or pima name, the quality can still be determined by the smooth, lustrous finish and the suppleness.

There are many fine cottons available. It’s no accident that fabric of a custom made dress shirt, when compared to that of an out-of-the-package dress shirt is world’s apart. All I can say is try it and you’ll be hooked.

Solid vs. Print for your Dress Shirt

You can’t go wrong with a solid color when purchasing a man’s dress shirt especially if your budget is limited. To get the best bang for your buck, choose that solid color in a 100% cotton fabric. Dyes do not take as well or last as long in polyester. A solid white Egyptian cotton dress shirt is the perfect addition for any man building a wardrobe. Prints offer personality.

Prints offer flair and sophistication. Add these to your wardrobe of men’s dress shirtsonce you have some foundation solids.Prints can either be printed onto the fabric or woven in. The higher the quality, the more likely it is the fabric has a woven-in design. In a woven design, the yarns are dyed prior to weaving, then the computerized looms make the pattern.

Woven designs are richer, more textural. In the photo below you can see the red and blue checks are woven-in dyed yarns, adding a level of luxurious texture.

Dress Shirt Colors

Whether you choose solid or print, choose fabric colors that compliment your skin type. Your salesperson or tailor can assist you with this. Also think of the other colors already in your wardrobe. Go in that same direction for your printed dress shirt fabric.

Are you purchasing the entire outfit together? Lay all the swatches/garments together so you may coordinate suit, shirt and tie. I love the many unconventional color combinations out there these days.

Here’s a basic rule of thumb to follow when combining colors – conventional or otherwise. The intensity or brightness of each color must be similar.

You may stop there and that tidbit will get you through, but delving a bit deeper, the level of shade or tint should be equal when coordinating colors. This makes the colors feel like they’re in the same family and comfortable with each other.

Remember that black goes with all colors and white goes with all colors. So whether you’re just beginning to build your best -dressed wardrobe or adding to an established closet-full, choosing a long-fiber cotton for your dress shirt fabric will reward you in comfort, comfort, comfort. And last longer, saving you money. Choose solid, print, or a handful of both and you’re on your way to a wardrobe you’ll enjoy wearing year after year.

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