DIY Alterations

 These are simply some DIY alterations you can make to key pieces in your wardrobe to ensure they’re unique to you.

Suit/Blazer Linings

Whether suits are your daily uniform or an occasional need, there are countless ways to bring them to life. The lining of your jacket is one such opportunity. Any good tailor will be able to reline a jacket for you and it shouldn’t cost much.

Your choice of lining doesn’t need to match your tie, shirt or any other part of your outfit. It simply offers an unexpected flash of color and personality once you remove or reach inside your jacket. With that in mind, why not think about adopting a specific shade – cobalt/sky blue, burgundy and racing green are all great options – as your style signature and getting all your neutral blazers relined in it?

Switching Buttons

While you’re upgrading your suit/blazer, why not consider swapping the buttons (trousers and jacket) for a new set? Tortoiseshell, mother of pearl or transparent ones can help breathe life into any piece of tailoring, giving it a whole new identity and character.

In fact, almost any piece of clothing can become exclusive when you swap the standard buttons. Think about those found on your jeans, chinos and even your shirts/polo .

Trouser Length

Moving down to your lower half, have you any idea of how the length of your trousers can transform your look? Something as simple as opting for no break on your suit trousers or purposely cropping a pair of chinos to mid-ankle will give any of your existing go-to outfits a whole new dimension.


Closely related to your newly shortened trousers, your socks – now very much on show – should have a voice.

Steer clear of thick sports socks and scruffy trainer liners and instead opt for fine cotton versions in rich shades or unexpected patterns from quality brands like Happy Socks, Pantherella, Paul Smith, Corgi and Falke

Burnished Toe

As they say, the shoes make the man. So, first of all, are they well looked after? Good, but you can do more. Next time you get your tan/brown/oxblood brogues, Derbies or monk-straps shined, ask for a burnished toe: a luxurious finish that will make them look even more expensive.

Switch Your Laces

Another easy alteration you can make to your current footwear collection, why not swap your standard laces for a pair in a contrasting color? This trick tends to work best on casual styles such as desert boots, trainers or boat shoes, but don’t be afraid to try it out on more formal silhouettes like suede Derbies or brogues. Consider using a bold colored pair in spring/summer, switching to a thicker, more textured pair during autumn/winter.

Replacement Belt

We have spotted some very brave gentlemen replacing their belts with a piece of fabric or rope recently. The bold sash effect is definitely one for the more confident among us, but it’s hardly innovative. Back in the 1940, the stylish Fred Astaire would tie a neck tie around his waist instead of a belt. You could try and replicate this statement with a scarf or tie. Think you can handle it?

Pocket Squares

An accessory that we can all pull off is a pocket square. Yet why not make your own one of a kind version? Creating one yourself is easy to do and allows you to pick the exact color, print and fabric you desire. Get down to your local fabric shop and let your imagination run wild. Remember that anything you can cut into a 45 x 45 cm sheet and tuck into your jacket pocket is a potential pocket square, so why not consider turning old patterned shirts or tees into a new unique accessory?

Your Top Pocket

While we’re on the subject of pocket squares, why restrict them to the top pocket of your blazer? Stuffing one into the breast pocket of your shirt, overcoat or denim jacket can bring an unexpected sartorial flourish to even the simplest of ensembles:

Style Tweaks

The styling tips below are perhaps the easiest to adopt. Adjusting your attire to the mood of the event or weather can be done in seconds.

Tie-Less Button-Up

Ended up in your suit and tie at a trendy party full of stylish creative types? Lose the tie (and maybe even the jacket) and keep your collar buttoned up to embrace a minimal and modish aesthetic.

Rolled Sleeves

Going straight from work to the bar for drinks/a date? Unbutton a couple of buttons, roll your sleeves up to your elbows and work your sex appeal. Similarly, during high summer you can also give your t-shirt or short-sleeved shirt a couple of sleeve folds, which helps add a nice touch of detailing to your traditionally stripped back ensembles:

Pushed Up Sleeves

Pushed-up blazer sleeves are back. Let a little bit of your shirt cuff stick out, or wear your blazer with pulled up sleeves over a t-shirt. 

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