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Dry shirt

If you hang up your shirt, you know that it’s going to be dry, and why is this important?

Because most shirts are made out of cotton and if you put away a shirt damp or wet or there’s somehow moisture getting into your drawer, you will get mildew and it will eat and destroy the cotton. It’s one of the few things.

You don’t have to worry about moths with cotton, but you do have to worry about mildew. So if your shirt is hanging up there, most likely it’s going to be dry.


If the shirt just came back from the cleaners or you just ironed it and it looks great for the week, you put it on a hanger and most likely, unless your three-year-old gets a hold of it and pulls it down and uses it as a blanket, it is going to stay wrinkle-free, so another great reason to put it on the hanger.

Easier to sort through

Let’s say you’ve got a jacket. You want to see, “Okay, I really want to wear this jacket or this tie,” and you can then hold it up to all of the shirts looking through your wardrobe, so there’s another reason.

Easier to put away

Let’s say you wear this shirt for an hour, a couple of hours, and it’s perfectly clean.

You take it off, easily put it back on the hanger. That takes a couple of seconds.


Why would you want to then fold your shirts and put them away? Are you guys ready for this? Okay.

If you’re going to fold your shirts and you’re going put them away, these are the advantages:

No stress on the points

Speaking of, if you want your shirt to last longer, you don’t want it to hang on a hanger because eventually, hangers are going to form indentions on your shirt.

Even though cotton does kind of go back over time, you will start to get little points there. It takes a long time for that to happen, but it can happen.

Less closet space

Not all of us have walk-in closets. A lot of us have just chest drawers and we don’t have as much room to hang up our shirts, so by folding them, you take up a lot less room in your wardrobe.

Easier to pack

If it’s already folded, if you travel a lot and your shirts are all folded, you could pick them and quickly put them in your suitcase. You don’t have to spend time folding them

Those are the big advantages of folded versus hung. I’d like to hear from you guys. This is a pretty hot debate. Keep it civil there in the comments.

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