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# Four Items You Can Wear Casually Or Smart

# Four Items You Can Wear Casually Or Smart

4. The Blazer

Although the blazer has quickly become a modern essential that can be worn both smart and casually, its origins actually lie in the regimented environment of the Royal Navy.

In fact, gentlemen across the globe are using the blazer to give off the exact same impression from ages ago. Whether attending a job interview, going on first date or visiting the in-laws, it’s the perfect way to show you a) mean business and b) know how to dress.

However, while there are now endless designs to choose from, there is one particular style that is suitable for any occasion: the two-button navy blazer. Whether worn with dark denim jeans, loafers and a plain white shirt for a casual approach, or with matching trousers, tie, shirt and shoes for the office, the blazer is a key player in dressing well, and dressing intelligently.

Before you rush to fetch your current one from the wardrobe, there is one thing you should be reminded of. When it comes to buttoning up your jacket, there’s a simple but fundamental style rule you need to remember: top button, optional; bottom button, never.

Why? It’s advice that has been passed down from generations, and it is thought the original reason was to stop the jacket rising up when sitting down; leaving the second button unfastened allows the jack to neatly fall either side of your legs; not only will the jacket feel more comfortable, but it will look much better too.

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