1. Celebrities Have Confidence

Why does it seem so easy for celebrities to pull off something that would look ridiculous on the average guy?

How come they can wear the craziest hats, jackets and shoes and not bat an eyelash?

The answer is simple: CONFIDENCE

Celebrities know they are putting on a show for the cameras.  They practice and perform under the lights and cameras for a living – so showing up at an event with people watching is just a natural extension of the stage.

Build your confidence, and you will find it easy to wear styles that push the envelope and still manage to look effortless.

The key is to become comfortable with the idea of having people stare at you when you walk into a room.

Never be afraid to be the best dressed man in the room.

Most men are very comfortable with situations wherein somebody can just walk past them. These men do not mind blending in which is why no one takes a second look.

When a man “peacocks” or in some cases just dresses in a manner that outshines his surroundings, he attracts a higher level of attention from others.

Own your look.

2.  Celebrities & the Halo Effect

Think of a famous celebrity.

Let’s take Robert Downey Jr.

I’ve never met him personally, but I “like” him.  Why?

Well, to be more specific I like the Iron Man movies, I like how he played the character Tony Stark, and because of that I passed my positive feelings of this fictional character onto a real person whom I have never met.


Basically we form opinions of people – especially celebrities – before we’ve had a chance to interact with them.

This is called The Halo Effect.

These positive, or negative feelings can dramatically affect our perception of what this person can or cannot do.

If we have a positive opinion of someone – we give them the benefit of the doubt.

Dislike them – we unconsciously look for reason to justify our disliking them.

So how can regular guys like me and you take advantage of the Halo effect?

Dress in a manner to put your best foot forward.

Successful men have a uniform in your profession and/or culture.  Wear them.

Suits are a common garment that sends a signal or strength and authority,  but other examples include the doctors white jacket, a master electrician’s utility uniform, a musician’s tuxedo, a artist’s decision to sport a bow-tie.

All of these send a signal and help others visually judge us in a positive light – a great advatage it is to start off on the right foot!

3.  Image is a Celebrity’s Profession

Celebrities get paid to wear particular pieces of clothing.

Because maintaining one’s image is part of their job, most celebrities cannot help but pay attention to what they put on.

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