How Clothes Should Fit

Clothes should fit the body you have now; not the one you aspire to have. Sometimes people will buy clothes in smaller sizes, because they intend to lose weight. This is a faulty approach.

You should never base your wardrobe on a future projection of yourself.

Properly fitting clothes feel comfortable. They drape over your body without stretching or billowing. They accentuate the lines of you frame.

Here’s a quick checklist you can use to evaluate different items.


  • Shoulder seams should rest on the edge of your shoulders; not on top of them and not over them.
  • T-shirts shouldn’t pass your zipper.
  • When you raise your arms sideways, no more than an inch of your belly is exposed.


  • Check the shoulder seams the same way as with T-shirts.
  • The cuffs of your shirt should end at the dimple of your wrist.
  • There’s no stretching of fabric around the chest or the buttons.
  • When you tuck the shirt in, there is no excessive billowing around the waist.
  • You can fit two fingers between the collar and your neck; no more and no less.

Your pants should feel comfortable around the waist. They should not fall down when wearing them without a belt, but they shouldn’t be pinching your waist either.
• The front of your pants leg should have a slight break, where it meets your shoes.
• The back of your pant leg should just reach the top of your shoe’s sole.
• The fabric at the end of the legs shouldn’t puddle.
• Check the shoulders and chest. The jacket needs to fit in these places, as they’re the hardest to alter.
• Your lapels should lie flat against the front panels and the buttons should hang close to your stomach.
• The shoulder seams should rest at the corner of your shoulder, and the sleeves shouldn’t have indents below the seam.
• Cuffs of your shirt should protrude about a quarter to half an inch from the jacket’s sleeves, when you’re standing with arms hanging by your side.
• When your top button is closed, the jacket should show no X-shaped stretching.
• The jacket should just about cover your butt.

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