What is a men’s suit brush?

A men’s suit brush (also called a “clothes brush”) can resemble a handled hair brush or a handle-less shoe brush. The body is often made from wood and sometimes from molded plastic; the brush fibers can either be synthetic or natural animal hair.

As with any accessory, a men’s suit brush can be simply and cheaply made or handcrafted and of heirloom quality. A quality soft men’s suit brush is a workhorse that you will rely on should you find yourself wearing suits more often than not.

Could you just use a new shoe brush instead? No! More often than not, shoe shine brushes are too coarse; good enough for shoe leather, but too destructive for delicate suit wool.

How to Brush Your Suit

1) Not many of us have the convenience of a suit form commonly found in tailor shops, so we need to just use our suit hangers. Hang your suit on the hanger and leave your suit unbuttoned.

2) Gently brush in downward motion the lapels first, especially around the neck. Make sure you use gentle strokes that do not go perpendicular to the wool fiber

3) “Pop the collar” of your suit and brush the under collar in the same gentle downward motion. After you are done, return the collar to its normal position.

4) Start at the seams on the shoulders and brush downwards on both sides: back and front.

5) Grab one sleeve and hold it out, brush down the seam starting at the armpit: both left and right side.

6) Start at the shoulder and brush each sleeve with the same downward motion.

How often should you brush your suit?

Unlike dry cleaning a suit you should brush your suit before and after every wear. Making sure you use gentle, slow strokes, you can count on no damage to your suit.

Brushing your suit is a cheap and easy method of preventative maintenance and by picking up this habit you’ll find you visit the dry cleaner less and save money as well.

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