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How to Buy a Suit

How to Buy a Suit

The time is here. A great moment in a man’s life. Now whether this is your first time to buy a suit of your 100th time, there are a few words of wisdom you should always keep in mind.

1. Trust yourself.

Sounds simple enough right? Well, its easy to loose sight of what you went in the store the get in the first place when you are swayed by friends, a wife or a salesmen. Remember to always stick to your guns and go with your instinct. After all, you are the one that is going to wear it.

2. Know your body

Know your size down to a T. Know where your trouble areas are, and the alterations you may need to make. Keep this in mind when selecting a suit style.

Cardinal rule? It is all in the shoulders! A suit’s shoulder pads should always end at the end of your shoulders.

3. Know how modern you want to go

Are you going to ride the fashion wave or stick to the more classic styles? Nowadays a suit is usually sold with two-buttons instead of the classic three. A suit is usually a tighter fit and is usually mostly available without a pleat. When it comes to these choices, keep in mind why you are buying the suit? Is it for a conservative event or a crazy trip?

4. In the dressing room.

Alterations, alterations, alterations! Don’t get lazy with these, and if possible do them right at the store where you are buying your suit. Keep in mind that the tailor is not a magician (unless your getting a made to measure suit) and can only do certain things. Important things to check? The length of the pant and the length of the sleeve.

5. If you feel like a million bucks, chances are you look it!

If you get this feeling run don’t walk to the cash register.

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