1. What defines a casual belt The Buckle Larger buckles are usually found on casual belts. Oftentimes made of brass and steel. The buckles are larger especially in the Western world. You’ll definitely recognize our Western belt buckles. The buckle is usually one of the defining dress belts, and that’s what I’m comparing these with. Strap Design Can anyone guess in the comments what this oyster along with what looks like a six-shooter mean? A lot of casual belts like to have fun with strap design.

Material This casual belt is made with a combination. This has a grosgrain ribbon on the outside and then it’s a leatherback so it’s got leather underneath it to give it a sturdy feel but it also got the casual belt look to it. Hence, a mixture of these materials definitely makes this casual.

In addition, the belt buckle almost looks like a dress belt buckle but it’s built a little bit heavier. Notice the contrast and the stitching and how the contrast is and they didn’t try to match it right here? All of these things go in to make a casual belt.

2. How to wear a casual belt You can wear it usually in two different ways. Accent This is where it just naturally goes with your clothing. It’s not looking to stand out or to be something that people are going to give you compliments on, although some people may.Centerpiece What’s another option besides wearing a casual as an accent? To wear the belt, the casual belt, as a centerpiece. So Fourth of July is coming up here in the United States, a big independence holiday for us. Let’s say you’re going to wear a simple white polo with a light pair of khakis, boat shoes – not really an outfit that’s going to draw a lot of attention. Well, you could wear this belt with that outfit that I just talked about. All of a sudden, this belt is going to be the centerpiece. It’s not going to draw a whole lot of attention to you, but it is going to be something that people could look at. You can definitely see that you are celebrating the Fourth of July and having a little bit of fun with it. Function Ideally, belts are being worn to help hold up our pants. Although most of us hopefully are wearing clothing that fits and the pants wouldn’t fall off if we weren’t wearing a belt, function is an important aspect and I do need to talk about it. You can wear heavier leather belts for tactical purposes. I know a lot of you guys out there possibly conceal carry, so wearing the right belt that’s sturdy is going to work for you.

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