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Light Weight Scarves

Light Weight Scarves

Frenchmen do light weight scarves best. It’s something about the way they wrap it around their neck; how natural the knot is tied; how detached from whatever else is being worn that makes their lightweight scarves work so well.
If you’re tempted to try scarves for the sake of accessorizing rather than practical reasons, here are a couple of ideas:
•Start with a subtle pattern and avoid ultra-loud colors at first. Let time tell you how bright you can go.
•Gradually work the scarf out of your jacket. Try a different position every thirty minutes – at some point during the day you’ll find the perfect scarf knot and position for you.
•The ultimate celebrity scarf guru is Johnny Depp   (who pulls off a handful of other risky style statements just as well, by the way).wenn20155103johnny-depp-UK-Vanity-Fair-2011-Jan-johnny-depp-18182808-1149-1495
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