Just how necessary are they in a man’s wardrobe?

However the reality is most men don’t even use basic collar stays.

Basic collar stays are primarily made of plastic or metal.

The small percentage of us men who use collar stays regularly – only the most detail oriented of us focus in on the magnetic variation that allow you to hold your dress shirt collar in place with a hidden magnet.

So don’t be embarrassed if you’ve never heard of the specialty niche that magnetic collar stays fill.

The first thing to consider is knowing when and how to use magnetic shirt collar stays.

One will need a shirt that can actually hold stays. The way to determine if a shirt can take stays is to look under the collar and see if the stay pocket exists. On higher end shirts, there is a slit just big enough to slip the stay in.

This detail may be missing on inexpensive shirts so it is up to you to take these shirts to the tailor and request for one to be put in.

Wurkin Stiffs

A magnetic shirt collar stay will come in 2 parts- the actual metal collar stay and a small magnet that will stick to it on the other side of the shirt.  Wurkin Stiffs, an American company founded by the Boos family, produces magnetic collar stays and a few years back even landed an appearance on Shark Tank..

it  first started out in 2008 which was around the time I came across their website and thought that it was a great idea.  I got in touch with one of the owners, Amy. She kindly sent me some samples. Prior to that, I had already bought some so I ended up with a variety which was nice. I tried the magnetic shirt collar stays out and thought that they were really effective and built well.

Wurkin Stiff’s magnetic shirt stays come in a really nice box and are well-made – the quality is excellent as mine have lasted 5 years and counting.

When it comes to practicality – Wurkin Stiffs are convenient for regular use. With continuous usage of the magnetic shirt collar stays I’ve easily gotten my money’s worth out of them.

A More Cost Effective Magnetic Collar Stay Alternative

It is understandable that not everyone is willing to hand over 40 bucks for six pieces of metal and six magnets.

For those in a tight budget Amazon has an alternative.

Simply go to Amazon.com and search for plain metal shirt stays. Then search for small magnets on the site too.

For about 12-14 dollars you end up with about forty magnetic shirt stays that you’ve sort of made yourself.

Obviously the main advantage to going on Amazon and trying to make your own sets of stays is the price.

The downside to this is that compared to Wurkin Stiff’s magnetic shirt collar stays, the quality of the ones bought from Amazon were acceptable but not “gift-worthy.”

Basically the stays were thinner and more prone to bend, and the magnets were a bit smaller and less powerful.

To add to this there is no guarantee that your stays will work with the magnets that you pick out. There are some stays out there that aren’t even compatible with magnets despite being listed as “metal”.

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