What should a man wear when his wife wants to wear her favorite dress for their dinner date?

What about when your girlfriend invites you to attend a casual wedding with her in Charleston on the beach?

Should you dress to match your partner’s style and look like a power couple?

Or is it better to let things fall where they will and just wear whatever you want?

Now the term match doesn’t mean showing up in identical outfits.

Matching as a couple is more geared towards dressing well as a unit.

Most men simply have no idea where to begin but matching one’s spouse is a growing concern as many men attribute a significant part of their success to their partners. When the couple go out together or are seen in public functions they want to appear coordinated, hence the need for matching.

instead what each couple should be focused on is dressing at the same level.

What does that mean?

Let’s say the couple is going to see a play.

As a play is a more formal occasion a woman may opt to wear a nice dress. To coordinate with that a man should come in a sports jacket, a nice dress shirt, trousers and a necktie.

What we don’t want to happen is to have the woman show up in a beautiful dress, nice shoes and full make up while the guy shows up in a t-shirt, running shorts and sneakers.

The end goal is simple- to dress at about the same level of formality.

To do that you want to take a look at how your significant other is dressing and attempt to coordinate with that.

To successfully coordinate, some background on the basic dress codes for men may be necessary. Here’s a quick and informative video on Five Dress Codes for Men .

Another handy tip is to ask your significant other’s opinion regarding what you plan to wear.

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