Embrace What You Learned From Experience

As we grow older and wiser our style should improve. You probably wear a suit better than you did ten years ago. You know how to accessories and even if you’re not cutting-edge, there are some acquired personal quirks that identify you as an individual.

Jeans Are The Epitome Of Cool At Any Age

Many of us end up in chinos for comfort reasons, or just because they are ‘dressier’ (rubbish, by the way). Nonetheless, a fitted pair of jeans will always give your look an edge that other leg-wear just isn’t capable of.

Basics T-shirts:

You learned that leaving home in a shirt – or anything with a collar for that matter – is advisable, and after a certain age you shouldn’t dream of doing otherwise.

Go Wild On The Shoe Front

If there’s one item that will hardly ever make you look ridiculous when you shop at youth-focused shops, it’s footwear.

Wear Your Basics In An Unexpected Way

Creativity and free-spirited choices may have been pushed aside as the years went by, but looking at your all-time favorites with different eyes is an important step towards regaining your cool.

Pay Attention To Fit

It goes without saying, but everything you wear should fit properly.

When we’re lean teenagers and even a bin-bag hangs smoothly from our bodies, fit doesn’t matter quite as much as many make out. With time, however, purchasing the right size, choosing the correct cut and hitting the tailor for final alterations is essential.

Consider Every Detail

OK, so you bought the jeans, made peace with t-shirts and finished it off with a classic pea coat. Trainers are now firmly on your feet – but what on earth are those crooked gold-rim glasses doing on your face?

Another terrible habit of the over twenty-something crowd is sticking with functional accessories that play a major role in our overall aesthetic, ignoring what they look like. This includes bagsglassesshadessockshats and even belts.

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