1. A Bracelet

Whether you’re a fan of men’s jewellery or not, an understated bracelet can add a touch of personality to any outfit.

Look for leather or canvas options this season that will not only be comfortable to wear in the heat, but also look the part whether you’re on the beach or at a wedding

2. A Travel Wallet

If you’re joining the jet set this summer, a simple travel wallet will be your saviour.

Keeping all of your essentials – flight tickets, bank notes and spare change – stored smartly and securely, it’s a practical addition to your collection that will ensure you feel more organised than ever.


3. Statement Sunglasses

Summer wouldn’t be summer without a pair of sunglasses in your arsenal. And if you’re looking for an easy way to inject some life into your fair-weather style, try a pair of statement frames.


4. Invisible Socks

Imperative for pulling off ‘sockless’ looks, invisible socks will keep your feet comfortable and shoes stink-free.


5. A Summer Hat

An easy and stylish way to stay cool in the heat, a brimmed hat in a soft straw weave is ideal for high summer.

A refined silhouette with a medium to wide brim, such as a panama or fedora, will keep the sun off your head and face while lending your look a touch of gentlemanly sophistication.


6. A Lightweight Tie

While the thought of wearing a suit in the summer is enough to make many of us break out in hives, there are bound to be some warm-weather events in your calendar that call for fully buttoned-up style (think those upcoming nuptials and important client meetings).

And even though a tie in a lightweight fabric won’t make one bit of difference to how you feel in the heat, it will bring texture and a seasonally-appropriate vibe to your tailoring.


7. A Floral Pocket Square

With many men continuing to shy away from full-on florals during summer, a printed pocket square is an easy and subtle way to tap into the trend.

Prioritise lightweight fabric options that embody the relaxed feel of the season, and use this as an opportunity to inject some much-needed colour into your tailored looks.



8. A Woven Belt

The woven belt is a menswear classic that will add a Riviera feel to any outfit, all while exuding an air of sophistication.

Although canvas styles are perhaps better suited to summer, a timeless brown leather option offers the ultimate in versatility and can be worn year-round, offering an increased ROI.


9. A Canvas Strap Watch

Your clothing isn’t the only thing that should be adjusted to suit the heat – your accessories should too.

That’s why we recommend switching your everyday steel or leather strap timepiece for a canvas (or ‘Nato’) strap watch this season. Lightweight, breathable and summer-ready, it’s a simple switch that makes all the difference to both your look and comfort levels in the heat.



10. A Tote Bag

If you’re searching for the ultimate summer bag, consider a tote.

Not only on-trend, it’s spacious, open centre compartment is ideal for chucking in all your essentials at a moment’s notice – great for when you’re hitting the beach or heading to the park for an impromptu picnic.

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