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The Length Dilemma

The Length Dilemma

Question for which there’s no definitive answer: the length of our jeans.
Hemming them to suit a specific style of shoe goes against the versatile nature of the garment, yet bulking fabric around the ankles is never acceptable. So, here are two options for you to consider:
•Have them hemmed at the end of your ankles: right before it touches the top of your foot. This length works well with loafers, boots and lace-ups, showing a bit of sock or flesh on a warm day. It suits different heights and looks best on slightly tapered cuts.
•Two inches longer than the end of the ankle: looks great on denim or a well-finished pair worth turning up. The turn-up also helps to break up your vertical line, which makes this a great option for tall men who are conscious of their leg length but it also means they should be avoided by short men as they can make their legs appear shorter than they are.
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