Let me start off with the story of the money machine. If you ran into a machine and every time you put in a dollar, ten popped out, that would be a pretty good deal, right?

You would probably try to take that machine and hide it and just keep feeding it ones and $10 bills keep popping out until the government gets a hold of that. In any case, you see what I’m saying.

It’s like that when you start to dress sharp. When you go from not having much style to having great style, all of a sudden, you’re finding that the money you’re spending on the clothing is being returned to you in ways you’re finding that people are starting to notice your work more, that it’s making you more confident, so you’re feeling better.

You’re taking on tasks and doing things that you normally wouldn’t have felt good getting in front of people. I mean, that’s really the value that you want to help show him. Part of that is you learning the difference between style and fashion because I saw that you used the word “fashion”, and men, we do not like fashion, the reason being is we can’t keep up with it.

We don’t like the idea that one color is in fashion one season and that this suit that we spent a lot of money on isn’t in fashion the next season.

Her stuff is solid. Whenever you read through this, all of a sudden, you’re going to be able to look at things like a classic men’s stylist should. And when you understand that, I think you’re going to be able to give him very good advice. They also make some great points in there of why a man should invest in his wardrobe.

Help him see the value. Help him understand that every dollar he spends on this, he’s going to get nine or ten back. When a man understands that, all of a sudden, it’s not about the clothing.

It’s about his bigger goals, his bigger aspirations, and how this clothing is going to help him be that great businessman or great attorney that you see for his future.

The other thing is let’s talk about what you can do right now, immediately. The Men’s Wearhouse is not going to solve your problems. It’s a fine store, but the problem with the Men’s Wearhouse with men with — and you mentioned he has a great athletic body, takes care of himself. They don’t make clothing for men like that.

You’re going to want to find a respectable, made-to-measure outfit or even bespoke, but I would start off with probably made-to-measure because you said your budget — you’ve got a little bit of money, but you don’t want to waste money. Nobody that has made themselves and has quite a bit of money just throws money away.

 you understand the basic shirt, that first shirt just focus on fit, the same with the suit focus on fit, once you get that fit down, all of a sudden he’s able to raise his arms up and the whole jacket doesn’t raise up, or it actually shows that he actually has a larger chest than midsection.

All of a sudden, he’s going to start getting more compliments from not just the people that are a bit older in his office and he’s going to start to realize that, “Wow! There is something we said.”

I wouldn’t knock his suits, it sounds like he’s got a lot of tweeds and stuff like that, but it sounds like a lot of his clothing just needs to be adjusted, so focus on that fit and focus on you changing your mindset a bit so you can show him the value of dressing sharp.

Don’t make it about you wanting him to do it because guys, we just don’t respond to that. But if you can show me the value of how it’s going to help me, then that really makes sense because I’ve got bigger aspirations.

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