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  1. Don’t wear tight clothes

    Don’t wear very tight clothes; instead find the perfect fit shirts or t-shirts. As in tight clothes your fatty areas will be visible easily.

  2. Wear V-Neck T’s and pointed collar shirts

    V neck t-shirt withdraws attention from chin area and it creates an illusion if you have a slimmer neckline. Avoid turtleneck as your neckline will totally disappear and your double chin will be visible.

  3. Wear dark color clothes

    In dark color clothes people look thin. So go for black, dark blue or any other dark color clothes and it will create an illusion that you are few pounds thinner.

  4. Avoid bulky fabric clothes

    Avoid baggy chunky sweaters, go for V-neck sweaters and cashmere as it will not add bulk to your body.

  5. Wear 3 buttons blazer

    Instead of one or two button blazer, go for three buttons blazer as it will elongate your body and make you appear taller and thinner.

  6. Wear  vertical line pattern clothes

    Clothes with thin vertical lines will make you look the same way. Vertical lines make you look taller and slimmer. A big no no to thick horizontal stripes as it would make you look wider.  Also avoid bold and loud patterns also.

  7. Don’t carry extra baggage in your pocket

    Do not carry bulky cell phones, overstuffed wallets otherwise your large midsection will become the focus point and you don’t want that.

  8. Wear low rise bottoms

    Don’t wear trousers and jeans that hit at your waist, instead wear a low rise bottoms. Waistband of your trousers should be large enough so that your belly shouldn’t stick out over your pants.

  9. Enhance the right areas

    Wear dark colors on places that you don’t want people to focus and lighter colors where you want to draw attention.  Basically, you want people to look at your upper body where you are your thinnest and away from regions where most of your weight resides.

  10. Right posture

    Last but not the least, posture can make a fat guy look thinner and a thin guy look fatter so right posture is very important. Stand as straight as possible and it will make you look thinner and as if you have lost few pounds and you will feel and act more confidently.

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