Helping men create a slimmer body

Want to look like you’ve lost 10 pounds but without going to the gym and being slave to a diet? Check out the tips below to help men dress slimmer.

Men’s Dress Shirts and Sweaters

Buy a slim fit dress shirt. Wearing a shirt that hugs your shoulders, waist, and chest will automatically create a slimmer image. Look for shirts in slim, extra slim, modern, or athletic fits. Be careful not to overdo the slim cut.

The shirt should fit comfortably without pulling, grabbing, or bunching in any visible area. The shirt is too tight if you can’t cross your arms of if the buttons are stressed during movement.


Wear V-neck sweaters in a thin knit. The V-neck creates the illusion of height and slims down the frame. Wear thin knit cotton, wool, (choose merino over lambs wool) cashmere, silk or other blends that sit high on the waist and hips and snug in the shoulders, chest and arms. Avoid thick knit, heavy and bulky sweaters as they only add weight to the man’s frame.


Men’s Pants, Trousers, Slacks and Jeans

Buy slim, flat or plain front pants in dark colors such as gray, and navy. Avoid pleats whenever possible. Flat or plain front pants give the man a cleaner waist and uses less material than pleats which add weight to the frame instead of shedding it. Wear pinstripes frequently.


Men should wear pants, trousers, and slacks at their natural waist. The hem of the pant should break at the top of the shoe showing no sock when walking. Any longer and this creates a hefty look. Any shorter and the legs will look short and stocky instead of long and lean.

Jeans should be of a dark, plain wash as dark colors hide imperfections in weight. The leg should be straight cut and the waist should sit on the hips. This is the most flattering jean style for men who want to look slimmer.

Men’s Shoes and Boots

Dress shoes should be of high quality leather, thin-soled, and with a round toe. Avoid square toe, thick, rubber soled shoes at all costs. Also avoid the extreme pointed toe as this is fashion statement and not true style.

The round toe lengthens the leg which makes the man look tall and lean. Thick soles only add weight and heft. Boots naturally are heavier and thicker than dress shoes and add weight to any frame. However, Chelsea boots, dessert boots, and other ankle height boots with minimal embellishments in a round toe and thin sole can help slim the frame of a man.

Men’s Outerwear

Choose topcoats, overcoats, jackets, parkas, and other outerwear in the same size as your suit jacket. Many men make the mistake of buying outwear too large. This creates excess material that makes the man look heavier than he is.

Buy top coats and overcoats that stop 3-4 inches above the knee and has no more than three buttons. This is the most flattering arrangement for a man trying to slim his figure.


Buy jackets that are one size above the size that is too small. Jackets should stop at the waist and sleeves should be kept shorter to lengthen the arms. Do not buy jackets with elastic waist bands. This adds weight to the midsection.

Men’s Accessories

Choose scarves, hats, glasses, gloves, tie bars and other accessories with minimal material, vertical lines, muted colors, and with minimal shapes and embellishments. The adage “less is more” comes into play here. The fewer accessories worn the less the man must do to slim his frame.

These simple strategies can be employed by the average man or the CEO who wants to slim and trim his silhouette without sweating a drop in the gym or missing his favorite meal because of a restricted diet. Put them together and be sure to thank everyone when they notice how much weight you’ve lost.

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