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The hat.

A classic menswear piece that has fallen out of style over the last 50 years.

That’s too bad.  Why?

Well hats are:

1) Functional.

A hat protects you from the elements, make you look taller, send a visual message of societal position, and cover imperfections of the upper head.  It works to help you feel and look better!

2) Timelessly stylish.

For thousands of years they have been the calling card of the type of men who wore them.  Can you imagine a cowboy without his hat?  What about a Marine without his cover?  A Greek fisherman without his wool cap?  A Russian without his Ushanka?

In this classic men’s hat infographic I expose you to 16 class men’s headwear pieces you should consider adding to your wardrobe.  

You’ll find variations of all these across the globe – find the few that suit your needs and wear with confidence!

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