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1. Measure Yourself

If you like buying clothes online, then save yourself grief and disregard brands’ general sizing. Since one label’s ‘Small’ is another’s ‘Large’, and sizes vary within individual collections too, it’s worth taking your measurements and consulting brands’ and retailers’ online size guides before you waste your cash on a shirt that could double up as a sail or chino shorts that look more like three-quarter lengths.

Unsure exactly what or where you should be measuring? Consider getting a professional involved – sounds expensive, but it’s not; a tailor will give you a full set of accurate readings and, in the long run, save you time, effort and money.

Alternatively, if the store you’re buying from includes individual product dimensions, try measuring a similar item you already own that fits perfectly and compare before you snap up that bargain in the sale.

2. Get Your Basics Tailored

You could shell out over £1k on a Lanvin cashmere-blend suit but if the fit’s not right, your style will still look cheap. Conversely, high street tailoring can look considerably more expensive than it is with a few well-judged nips and tucks from a savvy tailor.

However, suits aren’t the only thing you can get professionally altered – whether you have your jeans hemmed, chinos cropped or Oxford shirts darted for a more streamline fit, these seemingly minor alterations to your wardrobe basics don’t cost much but can make you look a million bucks.

3. Freshen Up

Given the amount of wear they get, it’s no surprise that some of your favourite pieces can sometimes develop a bit of an off-putting funk. For a quick freshen up, try an at-home impromptu dry-clean by hanging the offending item up on the bathroom door while you take a hot shower.

Alternatively, use a time-honoured tipple as a topical treatment for smelly clothes: fill an empty, thoroughly washed out spray bottle with a little vodka, spray onto the affected garment and leave in a well-ventilated area to dry.


4. Plan Ahead

Deciding what you’re going to wear before you hit the hay means you’ve got more time (and energy) to get the little details right. That said, if – between conference calls and circuit workouts – time’s tight during the week, get ahead at the weekend instead.

Set aside an hour on Sunday to put together five to ten fail-safe looks that work for a variety of occasions (office-appropriate, smart-casual, weatherproof etc.) and then snap them on your smartphone. That way, if Tuesday night’s date has you running late Wednesday morning, you can easily reference your key combos to pull something sharp together in no time.


5. Get Out Of A Style Rut

If you feel like you’re living a kind of sartorial Groundhog Day, then it might be time to start switching up elements of your go-to outfits.

Try something as simple as swapping trainers for smart shoes (and vice versa), or a T-shirt for an Oxford shirt. It could be just the extra ‘something’ your look needs.

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