February 14th, Valentine’s Day, it is right around the corner. A lot of you guys are going to be going out with your special someone and there’s going to be an expectation. They want to have a great time. Now, what is a great time? It’s up to you, but I can tell you that how we present ourselves, how we dress adds to the ambiance, and that is really key.

How you present yourself is going to have an effect on how you’re going to enjoy that night.

I’m here to give you three reasons, three scientifically-based reasons. I’m going to site some of the studies as well as to why you need to pay attention to the way you dress:

1.  If you dress sharp, you dress like a gentleman, you will behave like a gentleman. This comes out of the field of enclothed cognition. They’ve done tons of research over at Northwestern University and a few other universities as well.

What they’ve discovered is that there is research, there is proof, that what we wear has an effect. If you think about it, I don’t know about you guys, but I have fun on Halloween and I see the way my kids dress and go out there and they act like the way they dress.

Not too long ago — actually, in college, I remember I had a buddy. He dressed up in a monkey outfit. Do you think he was behaving normally dressed up as a money? No! He was behaving like a monkey and being kind of crazy.

I don’t think he got arrested that night, but yeah, that’s a whole another story. So when you dress up like a monkey, you will act like a monkey. When you dress up like a gentleman, you are more likely to act like a gentleman.

The clothing has an effect on us and again, the research that they did over at Northwestern had to do with painters and — what else? Painter jackets, doctor jackets, and they discovered that the people that wore the doctor jackets actually performed better on tests because when they knew they were wearing doctor jackets or what they believe to be doctor jackets, they were more careful.

They were thinking more critically than they normally would. Again, dress like a gentleman, you’ll behave like a gentleman.

2.  It also comes down to how people will treat you. So when you dress like a gentleman, people will treat you like a gentleman. Now, this is different. The first one I talked about, the way that the clothing affects you.

Now, we’re talking about the way the clothing affects other people, and tons of research out there in which they have looked at — and for this study, you’re going to have to go — actually, I linked to the article down below, so I do link over to the studies, but there was a university over in England and what they figured out or what they saw is that power status was associated with better dressed men.

It’s one of those things that when you walk into a bar, a bartender — and he could be very kind-hearted, but he’s busy and he’s a bartender. He’s looking around. He’s wanting to identify who is the priority, who is important. And when you walk in and you’re dressed like an important person, you will more likely be treated like an important person.

If there’s a mix-up with your reservation, show up to the restaurant, do you think they’re going to treat you differently if you show up in shorts and a t-shirt, or if you’re in a suit and tie, or if you’re dressed in a sports jacket with a nice collared shirt with a pocket square?

I can tell you that they are going to call you “sir” when you’re dressed like a gentleman. They’re going to call you “Mac” or “Hey, bud” or “That guy over there that looks like he just came from working on his car” when you look like that. I know, it’s not politically correct. It doesn’t sound fair, but that’s the way the world is. It’s not that anyone is trying to — well, people are making judgments.

They’re using shortcuts to identify, “Okay, this person seems like he could know the owner. He could be the owner. He obviously looks like someone important. I don’t want to upset him. I am going to treat him or I’m going to serve him first.” So dress like a gentleman, you’ll act like a gentleman. Dress like a gentleman, you’ll be treated like a gentleman.

3.  Dress like a gentleman, your sex appeal is going to go up. What am I basing this off of? Okay, let’s talk about the build of — let me just use a jacket as an example.

You don’t have to wear a jacket, but it does help because what it does is when you dress sharp — let me take a step back.

Style in fashion is not just random.

A lot of these suits, a lot of the lines on what we wear when we dress sharp and we wear clothing that fits us is it accentuates our natural attractive traits whether that’d be a woman and it accentuates her curves, accentuates other parts of her body. It works.

You can see a woman in a tight, red dress, has a very nice built in high heels, and with a necklace around her chest area. So instantly, we are seeing curves. Our eyes are being drawn to the color.

There are a lot of things to happen there, and it happens with men. Whenever you wear a jacket, it builds up the shoulders. It slims the waistline.

It increases the apparent size of the hands. Believe it or not, large hands, large feet, these things are accentuated with properly fitted clothing.

What that does, it actually sends a subliminal signal that you are healthy, that you’re virile, and that you are available even if you aren’t, if you’re married, in my case. Believe me, being attractive to your mate is important and it can lead to benefits later on.

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