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Google on Wednesday updated its Material Design-based Clock app for Android, bringing in new features. The updated Clock app is now available to download viaGoogle Play India.

The latest update brings more neutral colours to the app alongside fixing couple of issues including a fix for the duplicate provider installation issue, and fix for the timer button issue. The Google Play listing notes, “This app may not replace the pre-installed Clock app on your device. You can disable your existing Clock app to hide it.”

The Material Design-based Clock app was launched last month for non-stock Android users. The Google Clock has been available on devices running stock Android, like Nexus devices. The app like any other similar time-telling app, shows the time based on user’s location and features a world clock where users can add the city of their choices and see the selected region’s time. Functions including timer, alarm and stopwatch are also included. The Google Clock weighs 6.6MB and is compatible with devices running Android 4.4 KitKat and later OS versions.

On Wednesday, Google started adding ‘Buy’ buttons to mobile search ads as part of a trial run of a feature allowing smartphone users make online purchases from their search results. When people do shopping-related searches on mobile using Google, results might include ads featuring ‘Buy on Google’ buttons that could be clicked to jump to pages where they can check-out using payment credentials stored in Google accounts.

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