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2014 will see a surge in the release of wearable technology with Google at the helm. Essentially a wearable computer, the Google glass technology features a head mounted display which has a pixel resolution of 640 x 360. While that may sound low, it provides the equivalent picture to that of a 25-inch HD display given its compact size makes it all the more impressive. This wearable piece of technology has an inbuilt 5 megapixel camera with 720p video capture and contains 16GB of storage. Much like a standard smartphone, this nifty piece of technology can be charged using a standard micro USB cable. It has full Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and can be connected to any smartphone.

Google glass has upped the ante in the wearable technology market – this innovative piece of tech stands alone with audio transmission taking place through a bone conduction transducer. So instead of using headphones, this minicomputer sends audio vibrations directly through the small bones in the ear, which can then be heard as sound.

Google glass allows wearers to take pictures, hands-free recordings, ask Google questions and send messages among other things. It is the perfect piece of technology for those who are keen to explore the world around them and share their experiences. Like most emerging technology, Google glass has advantages that reach beyond the world of social networking with research currently being carried out on how appliances can be controlled using Google glass hardware.

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