A new iPhone add-on devised by California-based company Peri aims to give iPhone users a double whammy: more battery power and sound volume, all for less cash, it comes in the form of a case that integrates a speaker system and a 2,500-mAh battery. When detached from the phone, it becomes a speaker whose aural power is strong enough to disturb the neighbors.

Peri Duo can be powered with a micro USB charger while separate or when attached to the phone. When detached, it can work as a standalone Bluetooth or Wi-Fi portable speaker, The 2,500-mAh battery will give users quite a bit of peace of mind, as it ensures between 12 and 17 hours of talk time and four to six hours of continuous playback depending on how loud they want their music.

The case features a hi-res DAC (digital-to-analog converter) and fully programmable single-chip audio DSP (digital signal processing). It also offers true EQ (equalization) settings through the embedded DSP firmware using the Peri Audio App.

There are a few play mode options, such as surround sound, conference calling, party and others. For conference calls, an integrated microphone reportedly ensures clear and crisp voices.

There’s an element of interactivity, too, as the system can be configured to multicast music with several Peri Duo cases through peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connectivity. In this case, the user can stream to several cases more than 100 feet away (30.5 m), with no need for a local network.

In terms of looks, Peri Duo will be available in four color combinations, including black and silver, white and gold, red and black and a special all-black edition done with Rhymesayers Entertainment, a hip hop label based in Minneapolis.

To raise funds for the project, the company has launched an Indiegogo campaign where interested supporters can grab an early bird US$79 option to receive a limited edition of the Rhymesayers case – assuming it reaches production. For $99, backers can get a Peri Duo for the iPhone 6 Plus. That represents a saving of 33 percent off the projected $149 retail price, which according to the Peri team is still cheaper than buying a separate battery case and wireless speakers, as it works out to around $300.

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