Over the past few month wearable technology is getting more public awareness and sparking conversations. Wearables aren’t a new concept for technology but with the recent release of Google Glass the potential of these types of devices are being considered. Some are used in conjunction with smartphones and laptops but others may have what it takes to replace them altogether. Wearable technology has the most potential to benefit in situations wear the use of cellphones and laptops are prohibited and to track information.

The adoption of technology has come with controversy, particularly with Google Glass because the camera function can impede on public privacy. It’s clear wearable tech still has some bugs to work out but more and more devices are making there way onto the market. Websites such as Facebook and other social media outlets, private information is easily accessible to the public without carefully monitoring privacy settings. As a society, we value privacy but lead very public lives over social media. The question is where do we draw the line?

Wearable technology is just now making its way into the mainstream population and the market for it is still in its infancy. The next year or two will determine whether or not devices are adopted as household items. The future is looking for and more like an episode of The Jetsons.

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