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  1. Body mass index

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the body mass index can be measured by calculating an individual’s height and weight. There is an evident difference between body mass index and body composition measurement.

  1. Body composition

It’s been proved that body composition is a true way to measure your fitness level. If you measure your muscle mass versus the fat on a scale, you can make inaccurate calculation.

  1. Strength

The military all over the world use the push-up test for their physical fitness assessments. This way, you work both the core and upper body. I find push-ups the most effective way to gauge the fitness level and build strength.

  1. Core strength

By performing a plank you can test your core strength and endurance. It is necessary to have strong abs and back to hold the plank for long. A set of exercises can easily make your back and abs firm and buff.

  1. Endurance

Endurance is an indispensable part of your fitness level that defines the inner charge of your body and the ability to move non-stop. You can try stepping up and down 15 inch step for 6 minutes, if you want to measure your fitness level. Don’t forget to check your heart rate in order to control the pulse and know how quickly your body recovers.

  1. Body measurements

Nowadays there is a great variety of tools to measure your body, including tape, caliper and skin fold. I find tape measure the most suitable one, if to measure the same area monthly.

  1. A challenge

Our life is a constant non-stop challenge that’s why you should engage yourself in various physical activities to stay strong, healthy and well-shaped. It can be a squat hold challenge or push ups and even a chin up. Get up early in the morning and have a day mile run. Involve friends, family or beloved ones in these activities and go in for sports together. Stick to healthy nutrition, regular sports and physical exercises and you will soon notice an improvement and enjoy your wondrous and sporty body.

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