1. The nutrients in hummus could help you with weight management.

Nutritionist Peggy Kotsopoulos told Fitness magazine that since hummus is so rich in protein, it can help fight hunger cravings and balance blood sugar levels. This could help curb excessive snacking. Kotsopoulos also says that the iron content in hummus helps boost your energy, which could make you more motivated to hit the gym.

2. Chickpeas can lower cholesterol.

In a study done by Jane Pittaway, an Australian lecturer in Health and Biomedical Science at the University of Tasmania’s School of Human Life Sciences, a group of people aged between 30 and 70 and not in the best of health ate chickpeas every day for three years. She had a second group of people supply their daily fiber intake through wheat products like bread and cereal. The results showed that when both groups consumed the same amount of fiber, those on the chickpea diet consumed less fat and had a small reduction in cholesterol.

3. Hummus comes in so many awesome flavors.

You can never get bored with hummus because there are a myriad of ways to flavor it.There are 14 different Sabra flavors for your tasting pleasure, including roasted red pepper, chipotle, “supremely spicy,” olive tapenade, spinach and artichoke, “luscious lemon” and basil pesto. But if you really want to go wild on hummus, we suggest checking out the company Hope Hummus. They’ve created innovative flavors like sweet potato, green chile lime and Thai coconut curry. The possibilities are endless and very delicious!

4. Because Natalie Portman is totally obsessed with hummus.

The super-talented vegan actress once told Vogue that she “consumes [her] own weight in hummus every day.” If we eat our own weight in hummus every day will we become more like Portman? We can only dream…

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