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Top Exercise Myths

Top Exercise Myths

Myth 1:

Doing AB crunches will diminish body fat.

The fact of the matter is, there is no sure fire way to get rid of those extra pounds that have made their way around your stomach. It’s not about how many crunches you do, its about how much body fat you have around your abs. The really upsetting fact of the matter is that you cannot spot-train, you got to get rid of the belly fat to make those six-packs show through! A combination of cardio and crunches should do the trick!

Myth 2:

Drinking water makes you loose weight.

According to recent research, as important as water is, it does not help you loose those kgs. Stick to drinking whenever you are thirsty and especially while you exercise as it is necessary for daily bodily functions. Sorry to report, it’s function is not to make you full!

Myth 3:

The cardio machine tells you how many calories you are burning.

Sad, but true. Everyone’s body works in its own unique way. The machine does not ask for your body composition when it starts counting calories. It calculates calories lost based on the average human being. To get accurate calories you got to use a heart rate monitor.


Steer clear of these top exercise myths! Exercise well, think healthy thoughts and eat moderately. These are the wise words we should all live by.


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